Thieye T5e Sports 4K Action Camera Review, is it Gopro Killer?

Are you looking for an economic action cam? Here is Thieye T5e, which is affordable also with really good quality since it adopts Ambarella chipset & Sony image sensor that supports up to real 4K videos, I mean, real 4K, which is different from many cheap action cameras in the market who announce “4K” but actually not. ThiEYE is another action camera brand from China, it is not well known as others such as Sjcam, Yi, will it be a new gopro killer? Let’s see together.

If we talk about action cam We are sure that most of you will think about GoPro but the leader brand in question is not the only one to produce valid products in this area, for example, today we show you ThiEye t5e 4k or a device coming from the Chinese market that really amazes for its overall quality compared to the price of the list near the 100 euros so like a GoPro note of entry level.

What in the box

Inside the sales package we find our action cam, two 1100 mah batteries, a micro USB cable for charging, a case that makes it waterproof up to 30 meters, guide manuals and a pack of accessories not too supplied that integrates a couple of hooks and some adhesive.


  • Ambarella A12S Processor & Sony IMX117 Sensor
  • Breath-taking Speed up to 240fps
  • 16MP Photos
  • 2.0 inch LCD screen
  • 170° super wide-angle 7G lens
  • Unique App for Remote Control, Edit, Share
  • IPX8 Waterproof Housing with 360° Rotating Buckle
  • Double 1100mAh Rechargeable Batteries
  • Built External Microphone
  • Accessories for many use

The technical specifications of the action cam in question are those of a top product range since we find a Ambarella A12LS75 processor, Sony IMX117 sensor with 12 megapixel angle up to 170 degrees and 2-inch display with resolution 320 x 240 pixels.
Speaking of resolutions we find the possibility of taking 16 megapixel photos thanks to the work of the software that combines multiple images to raise the resolution but above all you can record video in 4k at 30 fps or in full HD at 120 frames per second and HD up to 240 frames per second, you can select the various integrated stabilization modes that are not available for all resolutions and wide-angle modes.
The sensor is CMOS then back-lit, the images that are taken from the camera in question are well detailed, its use is facilitated thanks to the MultiLanguage Software (also Italian), the autonomy is really good since you reach the hour and a half of recording in full HD and between the positive aspects we also find the hook for the tripod and wireless connectivity that thanks to the official application for Android and iOS (it works much better on Android and we demonstrate it in the video to End article) allows us to download photos to the phone or remotely control the action cam.

Video & Photo Quality

For the video quality, you can refer to the video below. Day time video is very good. Images are sharp, with clear details and crisp colors. License plates are readable even when driving by at some distance.

Slow Motion Test

Still images are on par with video quality. Smooth gradients in colour stay smooth and details are pretty sharp. There is a decent amount of detail in the bright and shadow areas. Low light images introduce image noise, but it’s fairly controlled until the point where it is too dark for me to hand-hold the camera.

Other Notes

Another thing to consider is that it lacks an option to overturn the image or rather we have not found it, in theory it is a common thing in a product of this type since not always the accessories allow us to use it in the correct position and in this case we will have to resort to an editing software.


This camera astounds me how cheap it can be for the video quality it produces (especially if you shop around to other retailers and import yourself). At the time of writing I have several cams in the sub-two hundred range, and this is my favorite that I have tested so far. If you need real 4K it has a great ratio of price vs performance. Hunt around though, because at the price it is available direct from China it is a bargain.
In short, we recommend the purchase of this product to anyone looking for a cam of top quality of the range by spending what is usually required for an entry level.

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