Campark ACT74 Action Camera Review

Today we will be covering a small and compact Action Camera by Campark that is capable of 4K video. Campark has a very affordable option, for us Amateurs out there, that just want something to throw on the dirt bike and get some awesome trail footage. Campark also has a pricier version of the model we are covering today.


  • 4K Ultra HD Videos
  • 16MP photos
  • Sony image sensor
  • 170 degree lens
  • 2″ high definition screen
  • 30m waterproof
  • Support Micro SD Card Up to 64GB
  • Double batteries
  • WiFi monitor in real time
  • Weight: 61g

Now this camera has the same form factor as a GoPro Hero camera, which can only be a good thing, it simply means it will be compatible with most GoPro accessories. The kit comes with a waterproof case, which is good if you’re wanting to take things underwater.

On the back of this camera is an non-touch LCD screen. Navigating the UI is simple and only involves 2 buttons, the front power button and the top record button. The Campark camera came with two batteries, which is a nice surprise and not something you’d expect. This camera uses microUSB to USB, and takes MicroSD memory card. But just a note this camera only accepts up to 32gb, which is a shame as you can get 128gb+ cards pretty cheaply nowadays.

True 4K? Nope

Many action cameras promise 4K, but few deliver. There are only a handful of chips on the market that can natively record video at such a high resolution, and, sadly, the one in the Campark ACT74 action camera is not one of them.

The ACT74, like many action cameras on the market, cannot offer true 4K capabilities, so the video is upscaled to reach this resolution. The chipset, however, has great potential, as I have seen on the SJ5000X Elite.

Video Quality

Because the ACT74 does not support 4K natively, and also because for most of us 4K is overkill, the ACT74 has been tested in 1080p 60FPS mode. I find that this mode provides the right balance between quality, smoothness and storage space. It works great if you want to shoot faster-paced scenes, like driving at high speed or sports. Here are some video samples, just choose some samples from youtube, as I’m very busy these days and don’t have much time to make a video.


In conclusion, the Campark ACT74 is a good and very cheaply priced action camera, which is capable of shooting in 4K. The quality is good enough for this low price and the software is easy enough for people who are new to action cameras.


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