WiMiUS L2 Action Camera $62.99 with FPV Function and Sony Sensor @Amazon

WiMiUS L2 action camera + 2* 1000MAH batteries + 1* Carry bag + 20+ accessories= $62.99



Product description:

【Ultra HD 4K Action Camera】

【Sports Camera with FPV Function】 

【Waterproof Camera 131 feet】


【2 Batteries Rechargeable】

How to get the deal:

Add WiMiUS L2 to your wish list and enter code WKCMUAEH at checkout.

Nexgadget EXPLORER5 Series 4K Action Camera with Wifi Waterproof 12 MP Camcorder

If you’re in search of a high quality camera for your upcoming trip or adventure, then you’ll find there’re hundreds of cheap action cameras in the market and you don’t know which brand is right to you. Again, there’s another cheap action camera brand from China, called Nexgadget. Let’s see together!

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Polaroid Cube HD 1080p Lifestyle Action Video Camera Review

When you think of the best action cameras, Polaroid might not be the first name that comes in mind. However, the company does have a series of them designed for the budget user. The $69 Polaroid Cube, released in late 2014, takes an entirely different approach by using a concept that’s more lifelogging camera than action cam. It’s small, cute, and dead simple to use – ideal for kids or anyone who doesn’t want something overly complicated. A clever magnetic bottom lets you easily attach the camera to any metal surface. Our Polaroid Cube review shows that this affordable action cam can’t compete against the GoPros and Sonys — but there’s a certain charm about it nevertheless.

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EZVIZ 5 PLUS Ultra HD 4K Video Wifi Sports Action Camera Review

For nearly 2 years GoPro Hero4 Black has been the standard-bearer for action cameras. It can shoot 4K at 30 frames per second, 1080p at a blistering 120fps, and the footage from both looks fantastic. Two years is a long time to be sitting on a throne, though, and it gives potential usurpers ample time to learn your secrets. That’s just what’s happened with the Ezviz 5 Plus 4K Action Camera.

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Cheap action cameras have flooded the market but few come close to the outright quality or price of the market beating AEE.

The AEE S71 action camera stands as a real GoPro alternative. When compared directly to the market leader’s features and build quality it might lag behind slightly, but considering the price and quality of its video, AEE S71 is presently one of GoPro’s most dangerous rival.

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MGcool Explorer-Pro 4K Action Camera Review

Today I just got the MGCOOL Explorer Pro, which is a  4K wifi action camera and a good value if you’re looking for a decent Gopro alternative at a vastly reduced price point. Or if you’re taking with you on vacation and don’t wanna bring something super expensive. This is part of a new generation of action cams that features enhanced 4K resolution. See more details about this tiny camera together!

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Thieye T5e Sports 4K Action Camera Review, is it Gopro Killer?

Are you looking for an economic action cam? Here is Thieye T5e, which is affordable also with really good quality since it adopts Ambarella chipset & Sony image sensor that supports up to real 4K videos, I mean, real 4K, which is different from many cheap action cameras in the market who announce “4K” but actually not. ThiEYE is another action camera brand from China, it is not well known as others such as Sjcam, Yi, will it be a new gopro killer? Let’s see together.

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WIMIUS L1 4K Underwater Action Camera Review

Looking for a head mounted or a window mounted camera but the GoPro is a little beyond your reach? The Wimius 4K L1 action camera might be what you are looking for. This camera includes just about everything you need, and a little more. Check out my review of the Wimius 4K L1 action camera and let me know what you think.

With summer coming everyone’s looking for that next action camera to take with them on vacation. Well, a few weeks back my friends over at Wimius sent me their new 4K L1 action camera. This is a Wi-Fi enabled camera. I will get more into the Wi-Fi piece in a few. First, let take a look at the package and what comes in it.

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SJCAM SJ6 Legend 4K Action Camera Review

Today I’m going to test another action camera from china, which is called SJCAM SJ6 Legend. It’s a long name. Let’s see together.

The SJ6 adopts Novatek 96660 processor we get a CMOS Panasonic image sensor with F 2.5 and a field of view of 166 degrees. On top of the camera, we even have a touchscreen on the back of the camera, which is something we’ve seen for the gopro 5. But keep in mind that 4K recordings are actually interpolated recording, so in reality our only recording at 2K, so this is something you should always keep in mind, don’t expect too much for a camera of this price even the brand is pretty popular.

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Best Cheap Gopros Under $100 to Buy

Gopro seems be a king in action camera world, almost everyone trust gopro quality, and reviwers always compare other brands like Sony, Tom Tom with it. But for those who wanna get an action camera just for recording, there’s no need to break our bank to afford a Gopro. Then which Gopro should you choose? Which is the right one for you? Let’s see those best cheap action cameras under $100.

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5 Best Action Cameras of 2017


Nowadays, action cameras become increasingly popular with people as action cameras can go where your average camera or smartphone wouldn’t even dream. Thanks to it’s tiny appearance and waterproof design, you can enjoy adventures and shooting anywhere anytime you like.

There are an awful lot of action cameras out there, though, so it can be tricky to find the right one for you. Now We list the 5 best action cameras,  you can buy for capturing all life moments you want it last forever.

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